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There is no such thing as an Official Loch Ness Monster Website and those who claim that they are "official" are as fraudulent as the people who have faked Loch Ness Monster evidence. If you want an unbiased view of the facts - this is the site to read. Loch Ness Monster Evidence Website. View Loch Ness Pictures, Underwater Pictures, Sonar Contacts and contemplate the Candidates. Also see our sister site Loch-Ness.org
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This is Loch-Ness.com, the Loch Ness Monster Evidence Website with Nessie Photographs, Monster Eye Witnesses and Loch Ness Sonar Contacts

The mystery of the Loch Ness Monster has enthralled the world since it burst into the media in the nineteen-thirties.

Why other sites appear above this one in searches for Loch Ness is a mysterious fault with the search engine system, but you have found it eventually and we hope it lives up to your expectations.

We do need to point out that this site shows the evidence in a rather dispassionate manner and a visit to our sister Loch Ness Information Website will help you interpret the meaning of the evidence in the context of the true Loch Ness story.

Everyone is interested in a good mystery and monster mysteries can be very entertaining. The monster, sea serpent, kraken and other mythological creatures have formed a part of folklore since time immemorial.

Loch Ness Monster type creatures are reported in many lakes and other lochs too. In Scotland we have Nessie in Loch Ness, Morag in Loch Morar, Shielagh in Loch Shiel, Lizzy in Loch Lochy, On the United States border Champ is supposed to live in Lake Champlain. In Canada Ogopogo lives in Lake Okanagan and on the west coast of the States, would you believe, Wally in Lake Wallowa (stories of Wally appear to have been a university prank) but you get the idea ... and these are just a few of the many. We are sure you can add some more yourselves.

Research at other lakes has been spasmodic and, without doubt, the Loch Ness Monster is the granddaddy of them all.  It is to Loch Ness where myriad researchers, professional and amateur, from all walks of life, have flocked with their cameras and sonars, hopes, fears and aspirations to solve the greatest mystery on Earth. Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.

Fish baits, exploding light bulbs, submarines, scanning sonars, echo sounders, telephoto cameras, underwater cameras with strobe flashes, movie cameras, video and, now, digital cameras too have all been used in searches at Loch Ness.

The Operation Deepscan Fleet

On this Loch Ness Evidence site we have tried to lay out much of the Loch Ness evidence as we know it today. 

A sunset at the Wellington Beach

We have tried to present Loch Ness sightings, Loch Ness photographs, Loch Ness films, Loch Ness sonar charts and everything in these pages honestly and fairly. 

If you find the pages of value please take a moment to check out Nessie Hunt. Without sales revenue this site would not be possible.